You wanted fruit.

We brought the orchard.

Get an online lesson in one of 14 martial arts styles. Over 1800 videos are now online!

Continue your training wherever you may be.

The Lemonade Network is available EXCLUSIVELY to current members of Plus One Defense Systems, Matica Arts, Ironside Medieval Combat, Mountain States IBBA, Yoshin Kempo, The Marcus Aurelio Jiu-Jitsu Academy, and UCONN Krav Maga.

Welcome to The Lemonade Network!

The network was born out of necessity when the Governors of three states (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) closed the doors of all martial arts academies during the Corona Virus outbreak in 2020. The Lemonade Network came to fruition with the goal of providing students from Plus One Defense Systems with the ability to train in all the major martial arts systems that we provide… right from the comfort of their own homes.

With 30 instructors on-staff, teaching many of the major martial arts disciplines, one of the things that makes Plus One Defense Systems unique is that we have all these different experts teaching different systems- all under one roof!

I’m always inviting our Muay Thai students to train in Kung-Fu, and our Kung-Fu students to train in Krav Maga, and our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students to try Capoeira… etc. I do this because I’ve trained in these systems, and I know how wonderfully they complement each other. However, many people are not able to try the different classes during times of normal function (i.e. when we are running around like normal). But now, we have the opportunity to provide you with a way to make that happen.

Students from Plus One Defense Systems can obtain a LESSON IN EVERY STYLE THAT WE OFFER! That’s a lot of content!

Our students ask for fruit from the tree of martial arts knowledge, and we are giving them the whole orchard! (I spoke with my dad the night we were shut down, and he said, “I’m not exactly sure how you turn lemons into lemonade on this one.” Dad- this is how!) We’re helping to open people’s eyes to the beauty of the martial arts- all of them! What they couldn’t experience before, we are going to give to them, now.

This program is exclusively for students from Plus One Defense Systems, and those with whom we are affiliated. After the shutdown of 2020, The Lemonade Network has shown to be a valuable resource to martial arts practitioners.  With over 1800 video instructionals, in multile different disciplines, we aim to innovate, motivate, and inspire those who train.

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