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The H.I.A.T.U.S. Training course provides participants with a solid framework for personal and family protection. The H.I.A.T.U.S. Network adds to this by providing the participant with an opportunity to continue down the road to living a healthier, safer life. Members receive a training video each week, direct to their inbox. They receive updates on trends in self-defense, tactical tips, and they have the opportunity to continue their training with discounts on our live events.

First Training Video: How to tactically tie your shoelaces the way many SWAT officers do – it could save your life!

Self-Defense is a process.  In the same way that the HIATUS Training course was developed to systematically provide participants with the basic tools needed for safety, the HIATUS Network is your one stop shop for all things personal protection.  You can continue your learning from the comfort of your own home by receiving training videos and tutorials.

Week 2: have you ever had anybody shake your hand and grip you like they’re trying to hurt you?  I have.  Many people out there want to assert their dominance from the initial point of contact.  Whether in a business setting, or in a social setting, you don’t know who it is you are coming into contact with until you actually get to know them.  In the American culture, the initial meeting, which is often accompanied by a handshake, can be approached tactically… without the other person ever even knowing that you are doing so!

Using the trick I show in the second training video, I’ve shaken thousands of hands, and nobody knows I’m using this trick unless I show them.  (When I show them, they think it’s really cool, and all of my advanced level students shake hands with everybody in this fashion, now.  You can do it, and nobody will even know.)  It’s literally a “one finger” trick that will stop anybody from squeezing your hand and hurting you.  (One of my martial arts students is a competitive bodybuilder, and I had him put this trick to the REAL test.  It works!)

Only once in my life have I had somebody really try to hurt me when they shook my hand.  I had used this trick, though, and I’m sure the guy walked away wondering what my bones were made of!

You see, as soon as you shake somebody’s hand, the physical interaction is going down.  Is it safe to assume that this interaction is going to be passive?  It’s not!  However, you don’t want to escalate the situation either.  By using this one finger trick, nobody will even know that you are approaching your handshake tactically.  If things do go down, though, you will be in a much better position to defend yourself, because you will have tactically entered the situation from the onset… before it began!

The first training video is absolutely free.  Assuming you like the information you receive, you will continue to receive a new video each and every week.  You’ll receive tactical tips to help you down the road to living a safer, healthier life.  We’ll cover everything from how to handle the initial greeting (this handshake video)… all the way to advanced tactical shooting.  You’ll even receive discounts on our live training events, should you decide to attend one


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